Stephen G Sudovar has been selected by the Kessler Foundation

Montclair, New Jersey, March 16th, 2011Stephen G Sudovar has been selected by the Kessler Foundation in West Orange, New Jersey to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees. He has also been appointed by the Board to serve on the Foundation’s Development Committee and the Research Committee.

The Kessler Foundation is a public charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with physical and cognitive disabilities caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis, injuries to the brain and spinal cord, and other chronic conditions.

The Foundation’s approach is twofold - supporting rehabilitation research through the Kessler Foundation Research Center and preparing individuals for the workplace through the Kessler Program Center. Through its Research Center, the Foundation achieves steady scientific gains in ways to improve physical rehabilitation. Through its Program Center, the Foundation provides support that ensures vocational training and placement opportunities for people with disabilities in our communities.

Mr. Sudovar is currently the CEO of SGS Associates, a health care consulting firm. Mr. Sudovar's career spans 35 years of accomplishments in driving business growth in the health care products and services industry. He held senior management positions at Hoffmann-La Roche from 1988 to 1999, including President of its Roche Laboratories division. During his tenure at Roche Labs, he more than tripled U.S. revenues, consistently increased divisional profit contribution, increased the company's U.S. market share, prepared the organization for the launch of many large products as well as integrated the Syntex and Boehringer Mannheim U.S. operations into Roche after they were acquired.

As a member of the Roche Board of Directors and Executive Committee and the Chairman of the Business Operating Committee, he was also responsible for the U.S. business development function and related therapeutic area planning for drug discovery and portfolio management for drug development. During his tenure with Roche, he gained significant global experience as an expatriate in Europe.

Mr. Sudovar also headed two successful start-up companies, Pracon Incorporated and Elusys Therapeutics Inc. for which he served as President and CEO. He has also served as Chairman of the Board of Aastrom Biosciences Inc. and Ambrillia Biopahrma Inc. as well as having been a member of the Board of Directors of several other public and privately held biotechnology companies.

For more information about the Kessler Foundation and SGS Associates Inc. please refer to the website links below.



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Thirty years of extraordinary accomplishments in driving business growth in the healthcare products and services industry.

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