Business Consulting Services

Capabilities include:

  • Board of Directors
  • General Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Government Affairs


Business Assessment

A complete review of the business landscape will be developed with a focus on the marketplace and the position of the company within it.

An analytical look at market needs, competitive profile, forces of change and the options for product/company positioning will be undertaken. The identification of Opportunities and Threats to the business emanating from the environment will be enumerated.

A thorough analysis of the company and associated capabilities will be conducted to arrive at an understanding of Strengths and Weaknesses.

A Presentation of a “SWOT” analysis will be made matching the company’s Strengths and Weaknesses with the Opportunities and Threats associated with the marketplace.


Strategic Planning

Based upon a full review and analysis of the business and the marketplace, strategic options are laid out together with the pros and cons of each. Recommendations will be made based upon solid data and information regarding the preferred option along with the rational supporting it.

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Operational Execution

The most critical element in becoming a successful business is the ability of the management team to
execute well.

Following the development of a Strategic Plan, it is vital that specific operational plans be put in place to assure alignment of the enterprise with the plan.

Key to excellence in operational execution is defining the right metrics to drive winning company performance. These metrics are then used as the basis of a “pay for performance” compensation system that will focus the efforts of the enterprise on initiatives that will create value and lead to the overall accomplishment of the company’s objectives.


Results Oriented

Carefully developed performance metrics are a necessary prerequisite to achieving corporate success. The setting of measureable operational objectives is vital to the overall accomplishment of corporate goals and the implementation of the company’s strategy.

It is absolutely essential for management to set goals and objectives, monitor performance continuously, and reward accomplishment…year, after year, after year.

Without this kind of “results orientation” the chance of a company succeeding is very limited.

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